Upthrust Esports BGMI India Rising Series 2024 Week 1 Finals Overview

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 18 Mar 2024

The Week 1 Finals of the Upthrust Esports BGMI India Rising Series 2024 witnessed intense battles as seasoned and upcoming teams showcased their skills on the battleground. Here’s a summary of the event:

  1. iQOO Soul: Demonstrated aggressive gameplay and emerged victorious with an impressive performance, securing the top spot with 140 points and an impressive four chicken dinners.

  2. Hydra Esports: Secured the second position with 114 points and showcased their prowess with two chicken dinners, displaying consistency throughout the event.

  3. Team Tamilas: Claimed the third spot with 110 points and showcased their strength with three chicken dinners, solidifying their position among the top teams.

  4. Gujarat Tigers: Positioned fourth with 92 points, showcasing a remarkable display of skill, especially in finishes, with 70 points coming via eliminations.

  5. Marcos Gaming: Secured the fifth position with 79 points, displaying promising performances and establishing themselves as a competitive force in the tournament.

  6. Enigma Gaming: Placed sixth with 68 points and managed to secure one chicken dinner, showcasing their resilience and tactical acumen.

  7. Team Forever: Positioned seventh with 63 points, displaying consistent performances and highlighting their potential as an upcoming team in the BGMI scene.

  8. GenxFM Esports: Tied with Team Forever at the seventh position with 63 points, showcasing competitive spirit and determination.

  9. WindGod Esports: Secured the ninth position with 52 points, displaying aggressive gameplay and securing 46 points through finishes.

  10. Gods Reign: Occupied the tenth position with 51 points, showcasing a balanced mix of finish and placement points, despite facing challenges during the event.

The Week 1 Finals witnessed a competitive showdown among seasoned teams like iQOO Soul, Team Tamilas, and Gujarat Tigers, along with promising performances from upcoming teams like Marcos Gaming, Hydra Esports, and Team Forever. While some experienced teams faced challenges, the tournament showcased the evolving landscape of BGMI esports with a mix of talent and determination on display.