Troubleshooting Valorant Error Code VAL 46: Causes and Solutions

Author: Sadik Shaikh


Published at: 15 Feb 2024

Valorant, an exclusive multiplayer FPS game available solely on PC, draws players from around the globe to connect to various continental servers for competitive play. However, encountering the VAL 46 error can hinder players’ access to the game, prompting a message advising them to “come back later.”

VAL 46 is an error code indicative of server shutdown for maintenance checks in Valorant. This temporary downtime prevents players from logging into the game. Typically, scheduled maintenance periods are announced in advance and are also indicated on-screen when the error occurs.

In light of the server downtime and the inability to engage in matchmaking, players are presented with the option to either exit the game or log out, with the opportunity to return once the maintenance is complete. As a gesture of appreciation for players’ patience during these periods, Valorant often offers free rewards.

The official player support website describes Valorant Error Code VAL 46 as “planned downtime allocated for engineers to work on our systems,” with the only resolution being to log in later.

Given that VAL 46 is a result of server maintenance, troubleshooting programs, uninstall/reinstall fixes, or other remedies are unnecessary. However, here are a few suggestions to address the error:

  1. Wait for the Maintenance Period to Conclude:

  • Players can simply wait until the scheduled maintenance is completed before resuming gameplay. Updates on server status can be obtained through various channels:

    • Official Valorant social media accounts provide notifications about scheduled maintenance.

    • Checking the official server status page for any reported issues under “current messages.”

    • Utilizing third-party websites like Downdetector, which tracks server outages daily.

  1. Switch to a Different Account:

  • In some cases, players may encounter VAL 46 despite the servers being operational. Switching accounts can refresh the game launcher and resolve any lingering errors or maintenance issues.

  1. Update the Valorant Application:

  • Server maintenance often coincides with updates for bug fixes and error resolutions. However, players may not receive notifications to update Valorant while logged into the game. Updating the PC game through platforms like Steam can rectify the VAL 46 error.

VAL Error Code 46 may manifest while players are in the matchmaking queue, logged into the game, or attempting to log in.