Top 10 Pioneering Gaming Companies Making Waves in India

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 3 weeks ago

These profiles showcase the diversity and innovation within India’s gaming industry, highlighting the significant contributions of these pioneering companies:

  1. NODWIN Gaming: Leading esports organizer in India, professionalizing the esports scene and providing platforms for Indian gamers.

  2. Nazara Technologies: Focuses on mobile gaming, promotes mobile esports, develops games based on popular Indian IPs, and invests in esports teams.

  3. Indiagames: Established in 1998, developed mobile games for early feature phones and smartphones, and hosted tournaments for its titles.

  4. JetSynthesys: Known for its diverse portfolio of games catering to different demographics and ventures into esports with initiatives like the JetSynthesys Esports Championship.

  5. All India Gaming Federation (AIGF): Focuses on promoting responsible gaming, shaping the regulatory environment for gaming in India, and advocating for the interests of gaming companies and players.

  6. Dhruva Interactive (Now Rockstar India – Development): Acquired by Rockstar Games in 2019, collaborated with major international studios on AAA titles, mobile games, and VR experiences.

  7. 99Games: Known for creating engaging and accessible games tailored to the Indian market, including popular titles like “Ludo King” and “Carrom King.”

  8. Games2win: Focuses on creating casual and social gaming experiences for a broad Indian audience with popular games like “Carrom Club” and “PokerDangal.”

  9. nCore Games: Gained prominence with “FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards,” aiming to create high-quality, locally relevant titles for the Indian audience.

  10. SuperGaming: Developing “Indus,” an “Indo-futuristic” battle royale game aiming to offer a fresh perspective on the genre with an Indian touch.

These companies have not only contributed to the growth and popularization of gaming in India but have also showcased India’s potential as a hub for gaming innovation and creativity on the global stage.