Soul Aman Provides Insights on Qualifying Strategies for BGIS 2024 In-Game Qualifiers

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 4 weeks ago

Aman’s tips for dominating the in-game qualifiers of BGIS 2024 provide valuable insights for upcoming BGMI teams aiming to secure a spot in the prestigious event’s further stages. Here’s a breakdown of his advice:

  1. Two-Two Splits: Aman emphasizes the importance of splitting the team into two groups during matches to maximize the number of finishes. This strategy allows for more coverage across the map and increases the chances of encountering and eliminating opponents.

  2. Gun Combo: He recommends using the M416 Assault Rifle and DBS Shotgun combination. The M416 offers stability and versatility in mid to long-range engagements, while the DBS Shotgun excels in close-quarters combat, making it an effective choice for securing kills.

  3. Minimum 40 Finishes: Aman stresses the significance of achieving a minimum of 40 finishes in the majority of matches, along with aiming for chicken dinners. This target ensures that teams accumulate enough points to secure qualification in the qualifiers.

  4. Drop Location: He advises against hot drops due to the high risk involved. Instead, opting for a safe drop location and securing a vehicle like a Buggy is recommended. This approach allows teams to gather loot and engage in fights strategically without the immediate threat of elimination.

Aman’s experience and success in the BGMI and PUBG Mobile scene lend credibility to his tips, making them valuable for aspiring teams. With the introduction of the new scoring system by Krafton, aggressive gameplay and maximizing finishes have become even more crucial for teams vying for qualification in tournaments like BGIS 2024.