Skyesports BGMI Mobile Open 2024 Semi Finals Day 3: Complete Standings and Match Recap

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 4 weeks ago

Day 3 of the Skyesports BGMI Mobile Open 2024 Semi Finals witnessed intense competition, with seasoned teams continuing to assert their dominance while upcoming teams showcased their potential. Here’s a summary of the matches and standout performances from the day:

  1. K9 Esports’ Strong Start: K9 Esports kicked off the day with an impressive 25-point chicken dinner on Erangel, securing a solid victory. Zap’s stellar performance, earning him the MVP title with 6 finishes, highlighted their aggressive gameplay.

  2. Global Esports’ Victory: Global Esports clinched a 24-point chicken dinner on Miramar, showcasing their strategic prowess. Slug’s performance, with 5 finishes, contributed significantly to their success in the match.

  3. Team Limra’s Surprise Win: Team Limra emerged victorious on Vikendi with a 21-point chicken dinner, surprising many with their strong performance. DragonOP’s impressive 5 finishes earned him the MVP title for the match.

  4. iQOO Soul’s Dominance: iQOO Soul displayed their dominance on Sanhok, securing a massive chicken dinner with 29 points. Rudra ‘“Spower”’s exceptional performance, with 9 finishes, played a crucial role in their victory.

  5. K9 Esports’ Second Win: K9 Esports secured their second chicken dinner of the day on Miramar, further solidifying their position in the tournament. Their consistent performance, coupled with Aditya “Aditya” Mathe’s MVP-worthy 6 solo finishes, showcased their strength.

  6. WSB Gaming’s Victory: WSB Gaming concluded the day with a 26-point chicken dinner on Erangel, demonstrating their resilience and skill. Raiden’s exceptional performance, with 9 finishes, earned him the MVP title for the match.

Overall, Day 3 was marked by a mix of seasoned teams maintaining their dominance and upcoming teams making their presence felt. With intense battles and standout performances, the Skyesports BGMI Mobile Open 2024 Semi Finals continue to deliver thrilling moments, setting the stage for an exciting conclusion in the upcoming matches.