Skyesports BGMI Mobile Open 2024 Quarterfinals Day 1 Overview

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 21 Mar 2024

Day 1 of the Skyesports BGMI Mobile Open 2024 Quarterfinals witnessed a mix of performances from both upcoming and seasoned teams. Here’s a summary of the matches:

Top Performers:

  1. Chemin Esports: The upcoming squad of Chemin Esports delivered dominating performances, securing 60 points from 3 matches and claiming two chicken dinners.

  2. Revenant Esports: Showed consistency throughout the matches, securing 34 points and placing second overall.

  3. Big Brother Esports: Demonstrated strong gameplay and secured 31 points along with one chicken dinner.

  4. Genesis Esports: Achieved a good mix of finish and placement points, securing 28 points with one chicken dinner.

  5. WindGod Esports: Displayed consistent performances and secured 27 points.

Other Notable Performances:

  • 4King Esports: Secured 24 points, with 16 coming from placements.

  • WSB Gaming: Demonstrated aggressive gameplay and secured 24 points.

  • Inferno Squad: Secured 23 points along with a chicken dinner.

  • Medal Esports: Secured 22 points.

  • K9 Esports: Scored 21 points.

Notable Absences:

  • Team Tamilas, Gods Reign, and iQOO Soul: Despite their dominance in the 2024 season so far, these teams were unable to show consistent performances and placed lower in the standings, with single-digit points across matches.

Overall, Day 1 of the Skyesports BGMI Mobile Open 2024 Quarterfinals was marked by the impressive performances of upcoming teams like Chemin Esports, Big Brother Esports, and Genesis Esports, alongside consistent showings from seasoned teams like Revenant Esports and Medal Esports.