Potential Ban Looms Over BGMI, Gaming Industry Faces Uncertainty

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 07 Mar 2024

Recent reports suggest that data collected through Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) could pose a serious risk to cybersecurity and national security. According to News18, the Cyber Security Division of the Indian Government has recommended discontinuing BGMI operations in India due to concerns about potential cyber-attacks.

Crimes related to BGMI have reportedly raised red flags, prompting authorities to consider taking action. A forthcoming meeting, scheduled for the following week, will see Krafton, the company behind BGMI, presenting their case alongside central agencies to discuss the game’s future in India.

BGMI, which was reinstated in India in May 2023 after a period of suspension, received provisional approval from the Indian government for a three-month trial period. This temporary authorization came after Krafton addressed various concerns raised by Indian authorities. It’s worth noting that in June 2021, an investigation by IGN India revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India had been sending data to servers located in China, adding to the apprehensions surrounding the game’s operations in the country.