Players in CS2 Are Utilizing New Sticker Update to Inscribe Slurs on Weapons

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 10 Feb 2024

The Counter-Strike 2 community has been abuzz with excitement following the recent release of a long-awaited update, marking a significant overhaul to the game. Rolled out on February 6th by Valve, the update brings a plethora of enhancements, bug fixes, and fresh content to the beloved shooter. Among the standout features introduced in this update is the highly anticipated ability to customize weapon skins with stickers – a feature cherished by players for its ability to add personal flair to their arsenals.

With this latest update, players now have the freedom to place stickers anywhere on their weapons, thanks to the addition of a fifth sticker slot. While this newfound flexibility has been widely celebrated, some members of the CS2 community have wasted no time in exploiting the feature to create unconventional and, at times, controversial designs.

In the wake of the update, reports have emerged of players using the sticker customization options to craft designs containing offensive language or imagery. While it was already possible to string together offensive words using multiple stickers, the latest update has made such creations even more accessible.

Unsurprisingly, certain stickers, such as the commonly used “GG,” have experienced a surge in demand on the Steam Market. This spike in popularity can be attributed to players utilizing the sticker to spell out offensive phrases, driving up its value in the process.

However, not all members of the CS2 community have welcomed this development with open arms. Some have expressed concern over the potential for abuse and the negative impact it could have on the game’s environment. Many are calling on Valve to address the issue promptly and implement measures to prevent the spread of offensive content.

While the emergence of offensive sticker crafts may have been foreseeable given the level of customization afforded by the update, the extent to which it has been exploited has caught many off guard. Questions linger as to whether Valve will take action against players found to be creating or using offensive designs. In the meantime, players are urged to exercise restraint and refrain from engaging in such behavior to maintain a positive gaming experience for all.