Orangutan Dominates RA Esports BGMI Champions Gala Semi Finals

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 4 weeks ago

The RA Esports Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Champions Gala Semi Finals has concluded, with seasoned teams dominating the event. Orangutan, Revenant Esports, Godlike Esports, and Reckoning Esports are some of the teams that performed exceptionally well in the Semi Finals.

Orangutan Shows Aggressive Gameplay:

Orangutan started the semi-finals dominantly, securing 3 out of its 6 chicken dinners on the first day itself. They built a significant lead of 33 points over the second-placed team on the first day. Orangutan continued to display consistent performances across the following days, securing back-to-back chicken dinners on Day 3 with 24-point victories.

Star Performers:

Faraz “WizzGod” Khan and Ankit “Akop” Shukla were the standout performers for Orangutan, with 42 and 33 finishes, respectively. The duo managed to secure multiple match Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards and contributed significantly to their team’s success.

Top Teams and Qualifiers for Grand Finals:

  1. Orangutan

  2. Revenant Esports

  3. Godlike Esports

  4. Reckoning Esports

  5. Carnival Gaming

  6. Medal Esports

  7. WSB Gaming

  8. Team Tamilas

  9. iQOO Soul

  10. Global Esports

  11. Frequency Esports

  12. Hyderabad Hydras

  13. Team Zero

  14. Team XSpark

  15. Alibaba Raiders

  16. Hydra Esports

Top 5 Fraggers of the Semi Finals:

  1. Faraz “WizzGod” Khan (Orangutan) – 42 finishes

  2. Ritesh “Fierce” Nawandar (Revenant Esports) – 41 finishes

  3. Ankit “Akop” Shukla (Orangutan) – 33 finishes

  4. Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal (Carnival Gaming) – 32 finishes

  5. Viper (Reckoning Esports) – 29 finishes

Prize Pool Distribution for Semi Finals:

  • 1st Place (Orangutan): INR 75,000

  • 2nd Place (Revenant Esports): INR 50,000

  • 3rd Place (Godlike Esports): INR 25,000

  • Semi Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) (WizzGod): INR 50,000

A few squads like Entity Gaming, Gods Reign, WindGod Esports, and Team Forever were unable to maintain consistent performances and have been eliminated from the event.