OneGame BGMI Pro Championship Quarterfinals Day 1: Complete Standings and Match Recap

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 3 weeks ago

Day 1 of the OneGame Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Pro Championship Quarterfinals showcased intense competition and impressive performances from both seasoned and upcoming teams. Here’s a summary of the matches and standout teams:

  1. Match 1 – Erangel: Team Forever secured a chicken dinner with 20 points, led by Flawk with 6 finishes. Genesis Esports and Entity Gaming followed closely, securing second and third place, respectively.

  2. Match 2 – Erangel: Enigma Gaming claimed victory with a 22 point chicken dinner. Team 8bit showcased strong performance, securing second place with 19 points, while TWOB and Entity Gaming followed suit.

  3. Match 3 – Miramar: Team 8Bit emerged victorious with 19 points, with Aditya “Aditya” Mathe leading the charge. iQOO Soul and Hyderabad Hydras showed aggressive gameplay, securing second and third place.

  4. Match 4 – Erangel: Entity Gaming secured a chicken dinner with 24 points, with Pukar “Pukar” Singla shining with 6 finishes. Team Aaru and THW Esports secured second and third place, respectively.

  5. Match 5 – Miramar: Gujarat Tigers claimed victory with 19 points, with Wixxky delivering an outstanding performance. Team Tamilas and Team Zero secured second and third place, respectively.

  6. Match 6 – Erangel: Team Tamilas clinched a chicken dinner with 21 points, while Crypto from Hyderabad Hydras stood out with 5 finishes. Hyderabad Hydras and Medal Esports secured second and third place, respectively.

Overall, Day 1 witnessed a mix of seasoned teams like Team 8Bit and Team Tamilas dominating alongside promising performances from upcoming teams like Genesis Esports and Team TWOB. While some experienced teams faced challenges, the competition remains fierce as teams aim for a spot in the Grand Finals.