Mortal Addresses Hate Against S8UL Creators in his recent Livestream

Author: Sadik Shaikh


Published at: 27 Feb 2024

Naman “Mortal” Mathur, a prominent figure in the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) community, boasts a rich history as both the owner of Team Soul and an accomplished Esports athlete. Additionally, he holds the role of co-owner at S8UL Esports, a platform housing several renowned content creators.

In a recent live stream session, Mortal engaged in a candid conversation with Aman “Aman” Jain regarding the troubling trend of hate directed towards S8UL creators, notably Aman himself.

During the live stream, amidst their gameplay of BGMI, Aman voiced concerns to Mortal regarding a specific faction exploiting a recent incident involving him and Tanmay “Scout” Singh to fuel hateful sentiments against him.

Expressing his dismay over the propagation of hate towards Aman, Mortal remarked, “Although any issues between Aman and Scout have been resolved privately, certain individuals have chosen to leverage this situation to disseminate negativity, be it through WhatsApp groups or other forums. The nature of the content circulated in these groups is beyond reprehensible. It appears to be the handiwork of misguided adolescents aged around 16 to 17.”

Mortal went on to identify a particular broadcast group linked to an Instagram handle as the source of these malicious messages, urging viewers to promptly report such instances upon encountering them.

This recent occurrence isn’t the first instance of S8UL creators facing such adversity. In 2023, the platform encountered a string of incidents involving the unauthorized dissemination of manipulated images depicting its female streamers, alongside instances of abusive conduct directed towards its content creators and players. These incidents were traced back to various Instagram accounts, prompting Lokesh “Goldy” Jain, Co-owner of S8UL Esports, to take decisive measures to address the issue.