Lidoma BGMI Masters Showdown Semi Finals Day 4 Summary

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 15 Mar 2024

The semi-finals of the Lidoma BGMI Masters Showdown concluded with a mix of emerging talents and seasoned teams making their mark on the battleground. Here’s a summary of the standings and notable performances:

  1. Aerobotz Esports: Showcased aggressive gameplay, securing the top spot with 121 points, primarily driven by strong finishes.

  2. Team Tamilas: Secured the second position with 115 points and demonstrated their prowess with three chicken dinners.

  3. Team Forever: Claimed the third spot with 113 points and also managed to secure three chicken dinners, highlighting their consistency.

  4. Global Esports: Positioned fourth with 108 points and exhibited a strong performance with two chicken dinners.

  5. Gods Reign: Secured the fifth position with 106 points and managed to secure two chicken dinners, displaying their competitive edge.

  6. Reckoning Esports: Displayed a balanced performance to secure the sixth position with 104 points and claimed one chicken dinner.

  7. Godlike Esports: Made a comeback to secure the seventh spot with 102 points and showcased their skill with two chicken dinners.

  8. Autobotz Esports: Positioned eighth with 101 points and secured one chicken dinner, displaying their competitive spirit.

  9. WSB Gaming: Secured the ninth position with 100 points and managed to secure one chicken dinner, showing resilience.

  10. Team XSpark: Tied with WSB Gaming at the ninth position with 100 points and also secured one chicken dinner, showcasing their competitive spirit.

These teams have qualified for the Lidoma BGMI Masters Showdown Grand Finals, where they will compete against each other for the ultimate prize. Notable mentions include iQOO Soul, GenxFM Esports, and Hydra Official among the qualified teams.

The semi-finals witnessed a mix of upcoming talents like Aerobotz Esports and Autobotz Esports, along with seasoned teams like Global Esports and Team Tamilas. While some experienced teams faced challenges and were eliminated, the competition remained fierce throughout the event.