Leaked Information Suggests Imminent Announcement of Ghost of Tsushima’s PC Port

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 04 Mar 2024

There’s a lot of buzz around Ghost of Tsushima potentially coming to PC, but let’s break it down.

What’s the Scoop?

  • Rumors and Leaks: While there’s no official word from Sony or Sucker Punch Productions, industry insiders like Shpeshal_Nick have hinted at a PC port, possibly around March 5th.

  • Sony’s PC Trend: Sony has been bringing its PlayStation exclusives to PC, like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War, so a Ghost of Tsushima port wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

Why the Hype?

  • Beloved Game: Ghost of Tsushima has a massive fanbase, and PC players have been eagerly waiting for a chance to explore its beautiful world.

  • Awards and Accolades: The game has won numerous awards, including The Game Award for Best Art Direction, making it a must-play for many gamers.

What to Do While You Wait?

  • Stay Tuned: Keep an eye on reputable gaming news outlets and industry insiders for any official announcements.

  • Explore Other Sony Ports: If you haven’t played them yet, check out other PlayStation exclusives that have made the jump to PC, like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War.

Final Thoughts
While the rumors are exciting, it’s best to temper expectations until we get official confirmation. But if Ghost of Tsushima does come to PC, it’ll likely be a Director’s Cut edition, complete with all the post-release content. So, fingers crossed!