Indus Battle Royale Unveils New Trailer and Introduces Grudge System

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 29 Feb 2024

Indus Battle Royale, an upcoming mobile game developed and published by SuperGaming, is currently in closed beta. Set in a unique “Indo-futuristic” world, the game is nearing its official release and has introduced a game-changing feature called the Grudge System, designed to enhance gameplay.

The Grudge System allows players to avenge their losses by matching against their opponents for a second round. When a player is defeated by another during a match, they have the option to hold a Grudge against their rival. If accepted, the two players are preferentially matched in future matches. In the next match, the player who holds the Grudge receives rewards for successfully eliminating their previous opponent, which could include cosmetics and other in-game elements.

To get into the Indus Beta, players can sign up on the official Indus Beta key site,, to join the waitlist. Keys are limited, and upon receiving one, players can redeem it on the same site. To celebrate the Indus Beta, players will receive exclusive cosmetic items, unavailable at launch, as a token of appreciation for their early support.

Indus was conceptualized in 2020, and a team of around 150 people from across India was assembled to develop the game. An internally playable version of the game was available on November 25, 2021. The game will be free-to-play, and the team is considering monetization options, such as purchasable cosmetics and/or a battle pass.

The first trailer for Indus, showcasing its “indo-futuristic” setting, was released on India’s Independence Day (August 15) in 2022. The game will be playable in a first-person perspective (FPP), with plans for a third-person perspective in the future. The lore of the game revolves around the world of Indus, featuring floating islands and the Yaksha race, which invented jet engines and nuclear power. The Yaksha used Cosmium, an extra-dimensional energy source, but were eventually wiped out, leading to the game’s setting where players uncover the secrets of this lost civilization.