Godlike Esports Disqualified from Skyesports Championship for Using Unregistered Player

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 04 Mar 2024

Popular BGMI team Godlike Esports were disqualified from the ongoing Skyesports Champions Series 2024 Semi Finals for fielding an unregistered player. This news came after careful review of Day 5’s matches, where irregularities were found with a player named “GODL-Pookie.”

Here’s what happened:

  • Day 5 of the Semi Finals: Godlike Esports faced disqualification after it was discovered that “GODL-Pookie” wasn’t actually “GODL-ZGOD,” as the team initially claimed.

  • Investigation reveals violation: Further investigation by Skyesports confirmed that “GODL-GILL,” a player not on the official Godlike Esports roster, played under “GODL-Pookie’s” account.

  • Disqualification for “ringing”: This practice, known as “ringing,” violates fair play rules by having an unregistered player compete. As a result, Skyesports disqualified Godlike Esports from the tournament.

  • Godlike Esports’ response: The team admitted fault, stating that the decision to use the unregistered player was made by the team manager and analyst. Both individuals were immediately removed from their positions.

Inconsistent performance: Despite moments of good play, Godlike Esports’ overall performance in the Semi Finals was inconsistent, placing them 22nd after Day 5. This disqualification adds another twist to their already challenging season.

Key points to remember:

  • Godlike Esports was disqualified for using an unregistered player.

  • This practice, called “ringing,” violates fair play rules.

  • The team’s manager and analyst were removed for making the decision.

  • This disqualification comes after an inconsistent performance in the tournament.