FUTTIES Celebration in FUT 23

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 10 Feb 2024

FUTTIES Celebration in FUT 23

Join the festivities as FUT 23 wraps up the season with FUTTIES, featuring brand new player items, re-releases of fan-favorite players, and more. Here’s what you can expect:

New FUTTIES Player Items:

  • Discover brand new FUTTIES Player Items, including FUTTIES Heroes and Premium Chemistry FUTTIES, to bolster your squad.

  • Keep an eye out for weekly player releases and participate in FUTTIES votes on easportsfut to have a say in the types of players you want to see in-game.

Season 8 & FUTTIES Themed Progress:

  • Season Progress celebrates past campaigns from throughout FUT 23, offering milestone rewards such as new FUTTIES players, re-released players, and various pack rewards.

  • Show support for the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ with national team-themed customization options.

Premium Chemistry FUTTIES:

  • Premium Chemistry returns with FUTTIES, providing powerful links to your squad. Player Items with Premium Chemistry will have the Crown logo at the top of their item, offering the same chemistry qualities as Heroes along with their Club link.

Rewards Changes:
FUT Champions Rewards:

  • Updated rewards tiers with significant changes, offering exciting rewards at each rank.

  • Ranks 1 & 2 include 92+ Shapeshifters + EFIGS TOTS 3 Players Pack or Pick (1 of 5).

  • Ranks 3 & 4 feature similar rewards with slight variations.

  • Ranks 5 & 6 offer 92+ Shapeshifters + EFIGS TOTS Pick (1 of 3).

  • Ranks 7 to 10 provide maximum 92 OVR Shapeshifters + TOTS Pick (1 of 4).

Squad Battle Rewards:

  • Players reaching Elite 3 & above in Squad Battles will receive Shapeshifters & TOTS themed rewards.

  • Stay tuned for full details of Squad Battle reward changes in-game.

Double XP Week:

  • The final week of Season 8 will feature Double XP, offering twice the amount of XP via SBCs and Objectives to accelerate your Season Progress.

  • Unlock a special kit at bonus level 41 with special objectives if you complete the season early.

Get ready to celebrate the season gone by and gear up for the summer ahead with FUTTIES in FUT 23!