FUT Esports Emerges Victorious Over Team Vitality in Valorant Convergence 2023

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 10 Feb 2024

Valorant Convergence 2023: FUT Esports Emerges Victorious

Valorant Convergence 2023 concluded with an exhilarating grand final between FUT Esports and Team Vitality. Held at the Manpho Convention Center in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, the event drew in a live audience and showcased top-tier Valorant competition.

Tournament Highlights:

  • FUT Esports and Team Vitality emerged as the top contenders, securing victories in their respective groups.

  • The grand final, played in a best-of-five format, saw FUT Esports clinching victory with a 3-1 scoreline.

  • Both teams displayed remarkable gameplay, with FUT Esports making impressive comebacks throughout the series.

Grand Final Recap:

  1. Map 1: Ascent

  • Team Vitality secured an early lead and emerged victorious, with standout performances from player Emil “runneR” Trajkovski.

  1. Map 2: Sunset

  • FUT Esports staged a comeback on Vitality’s map pick, showcasing aggressive executes led by player Doğukan “qRaxs” Balaban.

  1. Map 3: Lotus

  • Vitality dominated with a commanding attack, but FUT Esports responded with a stunning 11-round comeback, propelled by Mehmet “cNed” Yağız İpek’s standout performance.

  1. Map 4: Haven

  • FUT Esports maintained their momentum, securing victory on Vitality’s map pick, with cNed delivering exceptional gameplay on Jett.

Post-Tournament Reflections:

  • The tournament showcased the potential of both FUT Esports and Team Vitality, providing fans with an exciting preview of their performance in VCT 2024.

  • Convergence 2023 attracted over 10,000 attendees and millions of viewers globally, reaffirming the growing popularity of Valorant esports.

  • Riot Games expressed gratitude to players, teams, sponsors, partners, and fans for their support, with plans for an even bigger edition of Convergence in 2024.

Community Engagement:

  • The event featured various engaging activities, including fan meet-and-greets, merchandise stalls, and community-driven initiatives, enhancing the overall experience for attendees.

Valorant Convergence 2023 achieved its objectives in terms of viewership, production quality, competitive standards, and fan engagement, solidifying its position as a premier Valorant esports event in the region.