Free Fire India: Play Store Page Makes Comeback Following Removal

Author: Sadik Shaikh


Published at: 15 Feb 2024

The Free Fire India Play Store page has made a comeback after mysteriously vanishing, leaving players in a state of uncertainty. Originally slated for a launch in India on September 5, 2023, the game’s release was postponed indefinitely, with Garena keeping mum about the reasons behind its removal and subsequent reappearance, hinting at possible issues with Google Play’s publishing guidelines.

While concrete details remain scarce, interested players can still pre-register for Free Fire India on the Play Store. It’s expected that the game will largely mirror its global version in terms of gameplay features, albeit with some adjustments to comply with Indian regulations, such as playtime limits and spending restrictions.

With its return to the Google Play Store, pre-registrations for Free Fire India are once again open. Those eager to dive into the action upon launch are encouraged to pre-register promptly to ensure automatic installation.

To pre-register, players simply need to open the Google Play Store app on their Android devices, search for “Free Fire India,” select the relevant app, and hit the pre-register button while enabling auto-installation.

Despite the anticipation, Garena has yet to announce a specific release date for Free Fire India, originally expected in September 2023. Additionally, the game’s plan to introduce an in-game character inspired by former Indian Cricket Captain, MS Dhoni, has been delayed.

In the meantime, players awaiting the Indian version of Free Fire can enjoy Free Fire MAX, available on the Google Play Store for Android devices in India. However, access to Free Fire MAX on the Apple App Store has been unavailable since February 2022.

It’s worth noting that BGMI, the Indian variant of PUBG Mobile previously banned in the country, made a triumphant return in May 2023. This serves as a glimmer of hope for Free Fire enthusiasts, suggesting that a similar comeback could be on the horizon, provided all goes smoothly.