Embrace the Year of the Dragon in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 – Lunar Dragon

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 11 Feb 2024

Call of Duty®: Mobile is kicking off the Year of the Dragon in style with Season 2 — Lunar Dragon, featuring a host of exciting updates and content for players to enjoy. Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

Lunar Dragon Battle Pass: Dive into the Lunar Dragon Battle Pass to unlock a range of new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and more. Whether you’re sticking to the free tiers or going all-in with the Premium Pass, there’s plenty of rewards to earn.

Nuk3town Reskin and New Mode in Multiplayer: Experience the Year of the Dragon version of Nuk3town, set in a futuristic environment surrounded by nature. Additionally, gear up with jetpacks in the new Boost Assault mode, offering heightened mobility and dynamic gameplay.

Floating Platform and Minigames in Battle Royale: Join the festivities on the floating platform in Battle Royale, where players can engage in minigames and set off firecrackers. Look out for UAVs carrying gift boxes and balloons to shoot down for valuable loot.

New Battle Royale Class: Jet Boost: Take to the skies with the new Jet Boost class, allowing for higher jumps and enhanced sliding. This class adds a new dimension to Battle Royale matches and is available for free in the Season 2 Battle Pass.

HUD Customization and Mode Optimizations: Season 2 introduces new customization options for the in-game HUD, along with optimizations for modes like Ground War: Breach and Patrol. Expect smoother gameplay and improved user experience across the board.

New Seasonal Challenges and Featured Events: Complete seasonal challenges and participate in featured events to earn exclusive rewards, including Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, and Battle Pass XP. Keep an eye on the Events tab for daily missions and monthly login incentives.

Store Update: Explore the new Mythic Weapon Blueprint for the Type 19, featuring a stunning Chinese ink painting design that evolves throughout the match. Additionally, check out Lucky Draws featuring new Operator Skins and weapon blueprints, including the Spear melee blueprint and more.

Call of Duty® Account Rewards: Register your Call of Duty® Account and play five multiplayer matches in-app to earn the Legendary M4 — Royal Black Soul Weapon Blueprint. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer!

Season 2 — Lunar Dragon launches on February 7 at 4 PM PT, so gear up and get ready for an action-packed celebration of the Year of the Dragon in Call of Duty®: Mobile.