Disguised Toast Joins Apex Legends Esports with ALGS Championship Roster

Author: esports91


Published at: 23 Aug 2023

Renowned streamer and esports enthusiast Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang is making waves yet again, this time by entering the competitive realm of Apex Legends. Following his successful foray into the NACL 2023 Championship, Disguised Toast has set his sights on conquering the ALGS 2023 Championship, marking his debut in the highly competitive Apex Legends esports scene.

Disguised Toast’s Apex Legends Roster

Having initially gained fame as a streamer, Disguised Toast’s journey has evolved to encompass the intense world of professional gaming. After encountering setbacks with previous VALORANT teams, he demonstrated his prowess by clinching victory at the NACL 2023 Championship. Buoyed by this triumph, Disguised Toast has embraced Apex Legends, aligning perfectly with the imminent ALGS 2023 Championship.

Disguised Toast has opted to join forces with a talented Apex Legends team named “Dude’s Night Out.” This formidable squad, comprising the skilled players lou, senoxe, and duplex, secured their ALGS Championship berth through the demanding Last Chance Qualifiers. While their North American team secured a commendable second place, they were poised to compete unsigned until Disguised Toast’s strategic signing decision.

The synergy within Dude’s Night Out is palpable, with the roster boasting a history of cooperative play. The duo of senoxe and lou previously shared the stage under Sentinels’ banner, while lou’s expertise extended to CLG and Complexity. Meanwhile, duplex’s journey commenced with OpTic Gaming back in 2021, highlighting the diverse experiences that converge within Disguised Toast’s newly formed team.

Amidst his immersion in the esports landscape, Disguised Toast humorously quipped on Twitter, “My new strategy in esports is simply signing players already competing in the World Finals so it saves me six months of stress.” This candid insight not only reflects his strategic shift but also offers a glimpse into the often arduous journey of team-building in the esports domain.

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With Disguised Toast’s entry into the Apex Legends esports realm, a fresh chapter unfolds in his storied career. The warm reception from fans, fellow pros, and streamers indicates the community’s enthusiasm for his latest undertaking.