Day 1 Recap of OnePlus Dominate Arena 2024 BGMI February Edition

Author: Sadik Shaikh


Published at: 27 Feb 2024

Day 1 Unveils New Heroes: OnePlus Dominate Arena 2024 BGMI February Edition

The inaugural day of the OnePlus Dominate Arena 2024 Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) February Edition showcased a thrilling display of skill, with emerging teams stealing the spotlight. Uprising Rivals, WSB Gaming, Do or Die Esports, and Mystic Esports emerged as formidable contenders, dominating the competition with their stellar performances.

Uprising Rivals seized the apex position on the leaderboard, amassing 49 points along with a well-deserved chicken dinner. Following closely, Revenant Esports claimed the second spot with 45 points, showcasing their prowess with 31 points secured through finishes. WSB Gaming clinched the third position with a commendable 43 points, while Orangutan and Do or Die Esports secured the fourth and fifth positions, respectively, each with a chicken dinner to their name.

The OnePlus Dominate Arena 2024 February Edition witnessed the participation of 16 elite teams battling it out over four intense days, from February 26th to February 29th. While 12 teams received direct invitations, an additional four teams earned their spots through prior qualifications.

Day 1 Match Summaries:

Match 1 – Erangel: Orangutan made a resounding statement, securing a massive 22-point chicken dinner. Meanwhile, Godlike Esports demonstrated strategic rotations, clinching the second position with 15 points. WSB Gaming and Galaxy Esports closely followed, securing the third and fourth positions with 11 points each. Despite a valiant effort, Aslaa Esports and Revenant Esports faced early eliminations, garnering only 2 points apiece.

Match 2 – Miramar: Do or Die Esports showcased their dominance on Miramar, securing a 14-point chicken dinner. Revenant Esports emerged as the top scorers of the match, amassing 15 points, with Ritesh “Fierce” Nawandar earning the MVP title with 3 finishes. Lucknow Giants displayed a balanced performance, securing the third position with 10 points, while WSB Gaming and Aslaa Esports secured the fourth and fifth positions with 8 points each.

Match 3 – Erangel: TWM Gaming staged a remarkable comeback, clinching a 20-point chicken dinner, with PAYIO emerging as the MVP with 5 finishes. Revenant Esports continued their momentum with 13 points, securing the second position. Orangutan claimed the third position with 10 points, while Lucknow Giants and WSB Gaming settled for the fourth and fifth positions with 9 points each.

Match 4 – Sanhok: Team Forever delivered a stellar performance, securing a whopping 23-point chicken dinner, with Owais earning the MVP title with 7 solo finishes. Alibaba Raiders made a commendable comeback, scoring 14 points, while TWM Gaming maintained their momentum, securing the second position with 12 points. Galaxy Esports secured the third position with 8 points, while WSB Gaming secured the fifth position with 5 points.

Match 5 – Erangel: Mystic Esports concluded the day with a spectacular 25-point chicken dinner, with DhruvOG clinching the MVP title with 6 solo finishes. Reckoning Esports made a notable comeback, securing the second position with 11 points, while TWM Gaming, WSB Gaming, and Revenant Esports secured the third, fourth, and fifth positions, respectively, with 10 points each.

Day 1 BGMI Points Table:

1       UPRISING RIVALS     5          1       21           28            49
2       REVENANT ESPORTS    5          0       14           31            45
3       WSB GAMING          5          0       19           24            43
4       ORANGUTAN           5          1       15           22            37
5       DO OR DIE ESPORTS   5          1       13           19            32
6       TEAM FOREVER        5          1       10           22            32
7       MYSTIC ESPORTS      5          1       10           18            28
8       GODLIKE ESPORTS     5          0       6            22            28
9       RECKONING ESPORTS   5          0       6            20            26
10      TEAM LEGACY         5          0       9            13            22
11      ALIBABA RAIDERS     5          0       8            14            22
12      TEAM 8BIT           5          0       8            14            22
13      GALAXY ESPORTS      5          0       8            13            21
14      ASLAAA ESPORTS      5          0       10           8             18
15      TEAM ZERO           5          0       3            10            13
16      GUJARAT TIGERS      5          0       0            4             4

In summary, Day 1 of the event witnessed a remarkable display of talent, with emerging teams making their mark alongside seasoned contenders. While Uprising Rivals, WSB Gaming, Do or Die Esports, and Mystic Esports stole the show, teams like Revenant Esports, Orangutan, and Team Forever showcased consistent performances. However, some experienced squads, including Gujarat Tigers and Team 8Bit, struggled to maintain consistency, reflecting the dynamic nature of competitive gaming.