Data Miners Uncover Leak of New Mobile Legends Hero Zhu Xin

Author: Developer Administration


Published at: 09 Feb 2024

Data miners have unearthed details about an upcoming addition to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), revealing a hero named Zhu Xin with purportedly game-changing abilities. Rumored to be a mage, Zhu Xin is anticipated to wield powers capable of repeatedly lifting foes into the air and creating a potent vacuum effect, potentially altering the landscape of crowd control strategies. While only concept art has surfaced thus far, offering a glimpse into her design, Moonton, the publisher behind Mobile Legends, has remained silent regarding an official release date, leaving eager fans to speculate on her arrival post-Chip’s debut.

Insights gleaned from leaks shared by Kazuki Official shed light on Zhu Xin’s anticipated role as a mage wielding a lantern as her primary weapon. With her character design exuding an enchanting Chinese motif, featuring delicate butterfly motifs accentuating the lantern, Zhu Xin promises to captivate players with her aesthetic charm. However, it’s crucial to note that her design remains in the nascent stages, leaving room for potential alterations to both her appearance and abilities before her introduction on the Mobile Legends advanced server.

Zhu Xin’s arsenal in MLBB boasts a diverse array of skills designed to disrupt and immobilize adversaries effectively. Her Passive Skill revolves around accumulating “Soul Lamps” stacks, enabling her to unleash devastating knock-up effects upon reaching a sufficient threshold. Additionally, her 1st Skill involves hurling her lantern in a designated direction, inflicting damage within an area while generating Soul Lamp stacks. Furthermore, she can manipulate the lantern’s position by casting the skill once more. Meanwhile, her 2nd Skill involves planting a flower at a chosen location, which blossoms over time, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Notably, foes lifted by Zhu Xin’s abilities within the flower’s range will be drawn toward its center. Finally, her Ultimate skill encompasses a massive area-of-effect attack that not only damages enemies but also accumulates additional Soul Lamp stacks, ensuring devastating knock-up effects when fully charged.