Comprehensive Overview of Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch 1.8.60

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 09 Feb 2024

The latest update for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Patch 1.8.60, has been rolled out on the Advanced Server, introducing a variety of exciting changes to the game. Alongside alterations to heroes, developers have implemented several quality-of-life enhancements, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. Additionally, players can now participate in the highly anticipated ALLSTAR event, providing a glimpse into upcoming festivities and the rewards they entail.

Included in this update are detailed notes outlining hero adjustments, gameplay tweaks, and upcoming events scheduled for release on the regular server.

Hero Changes in MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.8.60:

  • Passive ability now grants immunity to control effects and reduces HP cost for skills when HP bars are low.

  • Skill adjustments include enhancements to Basic Attacks and increased Movement and Attack Speed.


  • Improved Basic Attack range and adjustments to Ultimate skill distance.


  • Various changes to skills, including damage adjustments and cooldown reductions.

Aurora, Hayabusa, Edith, Guinevere, Silvanna, and others also received tweaks to their abilities and attributes, enhancing their effectiveness in battle.

Battlefield and System Adjustments:

  • Attack Speed reduction for all heroes except specific ones.

  • Equipment adjustments and optimizations to targeting logic with creeps.

  • Bug fixes, including issues with Nana’s Skill 2.

MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.8.60 Event Highlights:

  • The ALLSTAR event begins on February 9th, offering various rewards and activities for participants.

  • Numerous events, such as ALLSTAR SPARKLE Support and TEAM UP, ENJOY THE BEATS!, provide players with opportunities to earn exclusive rewards.

  • Special draws, login gifts, and limited-time offers, including the SPARKLE Melissa event and the Infernal Wyrmlord Draw Event, offer additional rewards and incentives for players.

The update brings a host of exciting changes and events to the MLBB community, promising an engaging and rewarding experience for players.