Claim Your Free Legendary M4 Skin in COD: Mobile – Follow Step-by-Step Guide

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 11 Feb 2024

Call of Duty Mobile’s “Target Acquired” event is now live, offering players a chance to obtain the free Legendary M4 blueprint skin, “M4 – Black Gold Royal.” Here’s how to unlock this exclusive weapon skin:

  1. Log in with your Call of Duty account: Ensure you have the latest version of COD Mobile installed. Log in using your linked Activision account or create a new Call of Duty account if you haven’t already.

  2. Play 5 multiplayer matches: Participate in any multiplayer mode and complete 5 matches. It’s recommended to play on the Shipment map in Free-for-All mode for quicker match completion.

  3. Claim the skin: Once you’ve completed both objectives, navigate to the Featured tab in the Events section of the game. Locate the Target Acquired event and claim your free Legendary M4 skin.

  4. Equip the skin: After claiming the skin, head to the Gunsmith loadouts and equip the M4 – Black Gold Royal to your weapon of choice.

The Target Acquired event runs until May 23rd, so make sure to complete the objectives and claim your free legendary weapon blueprint before the event expires.

About the M4 – Black Gold Royal Skin:
The M4 – Black Gold Royal offers decent aesthetics and comes with a custom iron sight that reduces aim shake and gun kick scale, providing better vision while firing. While it may not be as flashy as some recent legendary skins, it offers a minimal grind for beginners and casual players to unlock. Keep in mind that the M4 may not be among the top choices in the game and could struggle against meta weapons in Season 2.