BGMI Teams to Avoid Tournaments on Mondays

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 19 Mar 2024

Vinay “Hades” Rao, the Head of Esports at Orangutan, disclosed in a recent live stream a collective decision made by BGMI teams to abstain from participating in tournaments held on Mondays. This decision was reached after key stakeholders within each team, including coaches and managers, collaborated in a WhatsApp group discussion. Hades emphasized that while official events taking place on Mondays will be an exception, third-party tournaments will not be attended. However, ongoing commitments to tournaments already underway will be honored.

In addition to scheduling considerations, Hades also addressed the issue of Point of View Streaming (POV). He articulated the teams’ intent to demand POV streaming rights from Tournament Organizers, particularly due to the prevailing trend of teams having to compete from the Quarter Finals stage instead of receiving direct invites to the Semi Finals. This elongation of tournaments necessitates more comprehensive coverage. Teams are willing to promote the tournaments by featuring logos and names but would opt out if denied POV streaming rights. Hades underscored the importance of exploring additional revenue streams beyond prize pools.

Rise in BGMI Tournaments:

Since the reinstatement of BGMI in May 2023, the competitive landscape has witnessed a surge in tournament activity. The initial month post-unban saw the organization of over six tournaments, with the trend continuing to escalate. By the culmination of the 2023 season, numerous major and minor BGMI events had been hosted. The ongoing 2024 season has sustained this momentum, with over fifteen events already completed in the first three months. Moreover, upcoming months are slated to feature a mix of official and third-party LAN events.

Given the saturation of BGMI tournaments, with many adopting offline formats, teams are prioritizing player well-being by implementing measures to ensure adequate rest. This strategic approach aims to optimize performance and readiness for high-profile events such as the forthcoming BGIS 2024, scheduled to commence on April 4th.