BGIS 2024 The Grind – Week 1 Day 1 – Groups 1 & 2: Comprehensive Standings and Match Recap

Author: Kalyan Ganguli


Published at: 05 Apr 2024

Day 1 of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 The Grind Week 1 showcased intense competition, with upcoming teams making their mark alongside seasoned squads. Here’s a detailed summary of the matches and the standout performances:

Group 1:

  • Match 1 (Erangel): Rivalry Esports claimed the chicken dinner with 14 points, while Blind Esports secured the most points (20). Skipz from Blind Esports stood out as the MVP with 6 finishes.

  • Match 2 (Miramar): Team Excellent 4 secured the chicken dinner with 14 points, while Rivalry Esports continued their strong performance with the most points (17). Darklord from Blind Esports was the MVP with 5 finishes.

  • Match 3 (Sanhok): Blind Esports dominated with a 21-point chicken dinner, and Darklord secured back-to-back MVP titles with 8 solo finishes.

Group 2:

  • Match 1 (Erangel): Team Mayhem claimed the chicken dinner with 22 points, while Team Evoke showcased aggressive gameplay and secured 20 points.

  • Match 2 (Miramar): Cratic Esports secured a 19-point chicken dinner, with Orangutan obtaining the most points (23). Ankit “Akop” Gupta from Orangutan was the MVP with 7 solo finishes.

  • Match 3 (Sanhok): Cratic Esports secured another chicken dinner with 28 points, while Team Evoke continued their momentum with 10 points.

Overall Performance:

  • Dominant Teams: Rivalry Esports, Team Excellent 4, Cratic Esports, Blind Esports, and Orangutan showcased strong performances.

  • Underperforming Teams: DCent Esports, Team Five Chief, and Zyroxtreme struggled to maintain consistency and scored single-digit points.

The day was filled with exciting matches and standout performances, setting the stage for further intense competition in the upcoming days of BGIS 2024 The Grind Week 1.